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With its twenty-five years history, Dragon Enterprises has grown to be leading specialists in freeze-dried, spray-dried, frozen, and air-dried vegetables, fruits, spices, seafood and instant noodles. We, however, offer now more than just processed raw materials and gourmet instant foods above-named. In our philosophy, a full range of solutions for your specific product requirements count as the key to our modernized systems of production and services. So, of us you will never expect too much.

As an exporter of dried raw produce and instant noodles, Dragon Enterprises is among the best in this fiercely competitive line of industry. High-quality, advanced and gentle processing techniques help to deliver smooth texture and enjoyable taste. The strict operation procedures and recognized R&D powers as well as modern service concept qualifies us to be partners of both industrial customers and traders from far and near. Besides, we always attach tremendous importance to quality and traceability at every junction from procurement to shipping, which ensures our customers’ peace of mind.

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